The daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, Kelly was born and raised in Queens, NY, a borough known for its diversity and culture. A true New York girl, she fell in love with art and fashion at a young age and like most young women, loved watching her mother put on her makeup. The only disconnect was - Kelly was a huge tomboy - so the art of her mother's makeup was somewhat lost on her at the time.

Kelly followed her early passion for art for much of her early years - drawing and painting becoming her first means of self-expression. It wasn't until high school when she truly began to love makeup and its ability to transform and enhance. Makeup became her new favorite medium. She went from lining her eyes with black kohl every morning to using her friends and family to experiment with makeup techniques and play makeup artist now and again.

Kelly took a detour from her natural draw toward makeup and went on to study Psychology and Sociology in college. She worked in the non-profit sector for several years. First in the areas of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence, later in education research and at the United Nations. Although she loved the connection this afforded her to help others, makeup was never too far out of mind for her. Even while pursuing another career, Kelly was drawn back time and time again to makeup artistry. She did makeup for photoshoots, weddings, quinceañeras. Anything to fuel her passion. It wasn't until she immersed herself in New York's pro makeup community that Kelly decided to make makeup artistry the career it was always meant to be for her.

Today Kelly works in the areas of beauty, fashion, and television, in the city she still calls home, New York. She has worked with makeup artists James Vincent, Bethany Townes, Orlando Santiago, and Michelle Webb. Kelly is known for her clean, precise beauty, work ethic and laid back personality. A lover of her makeup community, she also works in event production and client service for The Powder Group. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and speaks fluent Spanish.